How To Treat Tattoo Pain

How To Treat Tattoo Pain

Tattoo pain is a common issue among tattoo artists and their clients. There are some steps that you can take to reduce the amount of pain you feel during the tattoo process. Tattoo pain is usually mild, but it can be severe in some cases. It’s important to understand that not all tattoos hurt equally, and there are many factors involved with why someone may experience more or less discomfort than another person. Factors such as size, location, and color all play a role in how much a tattoo hurts. This blog will explain to you how to treat tattoo pain in a way that works for you!

Do Not Soak In Water

Avoid soaking your new tattoo in water for at least 24 hours after getting it done. Water can cause swelling and irritation, and this will prolong healing time. If you want to take a shower, use lukewarm water instead of hot water. You should also avoid using scented soap on your new tattoo, as this can also irritate it while it heals.

You want to use unscented anti-bacterial soap on your healing tattoo when you wash it. Remember that washing your tattoo is a good thing, but that does not necessarily mean that it is going to feel the best at first. Tattoo shops do everything possible during the tattooing process to prevent any infections from happening.

Over The Counter Tattoo Pain Relief

When treating tattoo pain, it is well within reason to take a version of over-the-counter pain relief. Whether it be ibuprofen or Advil, taking either of these pain relievers will help to ease the healing process. There are many versions of numbing cream as well. These creams are formulated to help with making the area less tender to ease discomfort.

Ask Your Tattoo Artist What They Recommend

At the majority of tattoo shops, especially at Old Vegas Tattoo, your tattoo artist will be able to give you recommendations for how to treat your tattoo pain before, during, and after your tattoo appointment. They may be able to help treat your discomfort during your appointment as well with topical solutions.

Treating Your Tattoo Pain Helps For A Pleasant Experience

While yes, tattoos, in general, will hurt when you get one or will at least feel uncomfortable. A tattoo artist most definitely has an incentive to make the experience and good one. Your artist can spray your tattoo with Bactine.

Bactine is a numbing spray that many tattoo artists will use to ease the discomfort during the process of getting a tattoo. Vascocaine is another numbing spray that will actually numb the area, not just reduce the discomfort. Vasocaine will only work on a brand new tattoo, meaning that if you just have a stencil on it will not help you until your tattoo has been started. Many people consider Vasocaine a magical cure for the pain of a tattoo. Bactine is kind of like a crutch, while Vasocaine is more of a wheelchair.

Tell Your Artist If You’re Hurting

Many, many people who get tattoos will not tell their artists that they are hurting. This is confusing to a lot of tattoo artists because they don’t want you to be in a ton of pain, granted everyone has a different pain tolerance. Do not keep pain from your artist. They know it hurts. You want to make yourself as comfortable as possible, especially if you’re there for a long period of time for a large piece.

At Old Vegas Tattoo We Help Treat Tattoo Pain

We strive to ease each client’s discomfort and offer a good experience while at our tattoo shop. We happily help each client to have the piece of their vision each time we tattoo. Our tattoo artists are the best of the best in their field and are masters of their creations. Making sure each client is satisfied with their tattoo design is our top priority.