What Are Good Tattoo Cover Up Ideas?

What Are Good Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

Tattoo cover up ideas are something that every tattoo artist has to deal with. Sometimes clients change their minds about the tattoos they have, or they want to hide a mistake that they made. In any case, you need to find a good cover up idea for your tattoo, and it can be tricky. This blog may help you to come up with good tattoo cover up ideas!

Watercolor Tattoo Cover Up

A watercolor tattoo cover up is one of the most popular ways to cover up an old tattoo. This type of tattoo uses various shades of color that blend together to create one big picture. It gives off an impression of depth and shading that makes it easier for the eye to focus on one area rather than many small ones.

It is best suited for small tattoos that do not require too much detail in order to be recognized as a specific object or person. Watercolor tattoos usually take longer than other types because they require more time and effort to complete each layer properly.

Geometric Cover Up

Geometric tattoos are popular right now, and they can be used as a great way to cover up your old tattoo without having to do anything drastic like laser removal or surgery. There are so many different geometric designs available these days that you can find one that will perfectly match your existing tattoo. Just make sure you don’t make your new tattoo too big, or else it might look weird next to the old one. All tattoo shops should be willing to do a geometric tattoo cover up.

Blackout Tattoos

Blackout tattoos are a great option for covering an old tattoo. These tattoos are just solid black lines on top of the old ink, making them easier to apply than other types of cover ups. Blackout tattoos also have the benefit of being easy to remove if you ever change your mind about having one.

Tribal Tattoo Cover Up

Tribal tattoos are always a good idea for a cover up because they require lots of shading. Tribal tattoos are great because they cover up an old tattoo without making it obvious that something has been covered up. They also make it easy for people who aren’t looking for a full body transformation or who don’t have enough money to go through with a full tattoo removal treatment or laser removal treatment. You can get a simple tribal tattoo on any part of your body, and it will look great! Tribal tattoos can also be very colorful if you so choose.

Tattoo Cover Up In General

In general, tattoo cover ups are usually much larger than the original tattoo. It is extremely rare to have a cover up tattoo that is the same size as the original tattoo. Really any kind of tattoo cover up is a good idea because if you like it and it will make you happier than your current tattoo, then go for it. Tattoo cover ups are becoming more and more common as tattoos become more socially accepted and younger people get them, not expecting to change their minds later in life.

Old Vegas Tattoo Has Your Back

At Old Vegas Tattoo, all our artists are experts in tattoo cover up ideas. If you don’t know exactly what you want, we will work with you to find the perfect tattoo design for your cover up. At our shop we have hundreds of ideas to choose from if you’re really undecided on what kind of cover up tattoo you think you might want. We will help you through the process of coming to a decision!